Estate Walkabouts


How does Nehemiah UCHA view Estate Walkabouts?

An estate walkabout is a way of allowing tenants the opportunity to check and monitor service standards where they live.

Residents taking more control in their local neighbourhoods.

What are Estate Walkabouts?

Residents are requested by letter to accompany Nehemiah UCHA Housing services staff on walks around the estate where they live.

Residents are free to discuss with staff neighbourhood issues such as safety, noisy neighbours, antisocial behaviour, communal lighting, the state of communal cleaning and gardening services etc.

Why get involved in estate walkabouts?

Where you live within the community is important to you. Nehemiah UCHA want to receive feedback  from our tenants on how well we  are performing. Also, we want to work with tenants in consulting,  challenging and comparing  existing services with other landlords.


You will find information about the latest estate walkabouts we are planning here.