Customer Newsletters

Customer Newsletters ( 9 Files )

We hope you enjoy reading our customer newsletter Under One Roof with all the latest news from Nehemiah UCHA.  Please feel free to give us your feedback using the Newsletter survey form.

Scrutiny Panel Information

Scrutiny Panel Information ( 4 Files )

In this section you will find information and reports from our Scrutiny Panel.  If you would like to know more about the Scrutiny Panel and what they do please contact

Rita Ferguson, Customer Engagement Officer, Direct Dial- 0121 358 8033, Email-

Retirement Living Properties

Retirement Living Properties ( 7 Files )

Welcome to the Retirement Living Property leaflets download section. Please locate the property of interest and then view on line or download. Download times will depend on the size of the document selected and your connection speed.

Job Descriptions & Job Application Forms

Job Descriptions & Job Application Forms ( 1 Files )

This section will feature job descriptions and application forms for all our latest vacancies.  If you require a copy of the application form in word please email Janet Dubidat E:

Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts ( 2 Files )

Welcome to our Annual Accounts section and we hope you take a look at our financial performance over the past few years.

Tenants Annual Report

Tenants Annual Report ( 4 Files )

This section features our Tenants Annual Reports - Our latest annual report is specifically for tenants and sets out our assessment of how we meet the standards framework and how we plan to improve our services is now available below. All our reports have information on our performance and achievements and our hopes for the future. We hope that you find the annual reports we have produced interesting reading.  If you would like to comment on how you would like to make changes to the annual reports or help us put the information together please contact Lucy Hales  Director of Housing on 0121 358 0966.

Service Standards

Service Standards ( 2 Files )

The Nehemiah UCHA service standards booklet set out how we plan to maintain and improve our services going forward and the booklet tells you what to expect from us in terms of customer care, maintenance, management and dealing with issues such as anti social behaviour.

We don't believe in standing still, so each year we'll review the standards, set ourselves new targets and feedback how we're progressing.

Our service standards booklet is available to download or, if you would prefer a paper copy, please contact your housing officer or Lucy Hales Director of Housing and Care Services on 0121 358 0966