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Rent A Home


Applying for a home with Nehemiah


We provide good quality affordable housing for families, couples, single people and older people.

If you are looking to apply for housing with Nehemiah and you are not looking for a retirement scheme, this section will explain how you can apply for one of our properties.

We let our homes through local choice-based lettings (CBL) schemes. This gives our existing customers as well as new applicants more choice when wanting to move to a new home.

Choice based letting schemes are partnerships between councils and housing associations. The landlords advertise all available properties on a website and everyone registered on the choice based lettings scheme’s waiting list can register their interest by ‘bidding’ for any suitable properties regardless of landlord.

To apply for a Nehemiah property, you need to register with the scheme in the area where you want to live. You can register online by selecting the relevant website from our list of choice based lettings schemes covering our homes.  The scheme will give you a priority banding.  You then ‘bid’ for the advertised homes you are interested in.

Birmingham Home Choice - www.birminghamchoice.co.uk
0121 675 5779

Coventry Home Finder - www.coventryhomefinder.com
0500 834 333 (Freephone)

Dudley at Home - www.dudleyathome.org.uk
0300 555 2345

Sandwell Homes - www.sandwell.gov.uk/housing
0121 569 6000

Walsall Home Choice - www.choose-2-move.com
0300 555 6666

Homes in the City - www.homesinthecity.org.uk
01902 556 789