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Customer Newsletters

We hope you enjoy reading ourcustomer newsletter Under One Roof with all the latest news from Nehemiah. Please feel free to get in touch and give us your feedback.

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Value for Money Statement

The Board of Management and the Senior Management Team conduct self-assessments of how Nehemiah is achieving value for money in delivering its purpose and objectives. The reports contained in this section provide stakeholders with a summary of the findings of these self-assessments.

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Customer Handbook

Information about your tenancy and the services that we provide

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Service Standards

A guide to what services you can expect from us for both our general needs and retirement properties
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Application Forms

Click here to access our application forms
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Customer Engagement

This document will tell you about are plans for how we will involve you in our service delivery over the next three years

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Impact Assessment

This document will tell you about the positive impacts that our service have had on our customers over the last 12 months
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Click here to view our leaflets 

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Click here to read some of our policies

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Annual Accounts Financial Information

Welcome to our annual accounts section and we hope you take a look at our financial performance over the past few years.

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Action Plans

Find out more about the measures that we will take to complete our ongoing projects.  

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Corporate Strategy

Find out more about our corporate and business plan.

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Home Contents Insurance

Find out more about joining the Home Contents Insurance Scheme.

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Kickstart Scheme

Nehemiah Housing Part Of Kickstart Scheme To Help Young People Secure Work

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Nehemiah United Churches Housing Association Ltd is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 - 25952.

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